The Beauty

The land in which we are born is the most beautiful in the heart of everyone, but the land where Santori stands is objectively a cross-section of a peculiar beauty typical of the hills in which it stands; the Piceni Hills.

The sea is very close.  All around are the smells of authenticity, of substance, and of truth. The desire to preserve this beauty by excluding the ambitions of mere performance is clear.

A will that satisfies the heart and sight will always bring great and exciting results.

The Evolution

The estate is constantly evolving::
First, the modern cellar, equipped with all the technologies that make it energetically performing with zero environmental impact,

and then again the choice of plants that will frame and enhance the company, always careful not to disfigure the landscape. So Lecci, Corbezzoli, Mirti, Lentischi and other Mediterranean essences are planted that blend well with the territory … and on and on … The projects never stop and great things will be done, but at the bottom we are young and it’s nice to always grow in total harmony with the territory.

The Welcome

A modern way of resuming and enhancing a practice that once happened spontaneously in the cellar.

Thereception, for example, is in a tasting room made of materials and furniture all aimed at recovery; where old pomegranate trunks are revived as bases of tables and ancient majolica is recovered to decorate the walls and shelving those of the past, made with the wooden boards that his grandfather, Lorenzo, had cut with his own hands.


But we see that everything has been recycled to use not for profit, but for the sake of conviviality: it is not uncommon to find clusters of friends who drink, cook and eat in the hall, in winter or in the raised terrace in summer, lit by old light bulbs where you can enjoy a breathtaking view.

The night then makes everything even more enchanted.

However, in order to experience it, you have to visit us. Marco awaits you with open arms!