Attention to detail.

The image of Tenuta Santori starts from the origin, from the observation and respect of the raw material.
Having the will to give a touch of modernity and “studied” in order not to degrade a product that in itself is already successful, Marco begins by revisiting the labels that must reflect the truth of the earth and the quality of the wine.
This is why we chose the macro image of the vine leaves: to bring out the attention to detail, to respect for the biological, where nothing is left to chance.

A deconstructed leaf that with its bold geometries gives the possibility to see beyond, to join strategic points and then find hills, rivers, and valleys: land of elegant and sincere wines, like the region to which it belongs, MARCHE.


All very clear.

The name Tenuta Santori is derived from the family name. The names of the wines are from the type of grape variety. This is a simple and declared communication choice, a testimony of a desire for transparency that has been the leitmotiv of the winery from the beginning.